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Corporate and Executive Gifts:

Make it easy—let us do the work for you!

Extravagifts provides you with upscale, quality products at amazing prices that will make a positive impression with your clients and partners. Don't risk buying a gift that anyone (including your competition) can find online. We can provide unique, high quality gifts for less than one of those large pre-packed online retailers. We strive with you to maintain your company’s valuable reputation. We will reflect your company’s attentiveness and appreciation to its employees/clients/customers with our wonderful “Extravagifts”.

We focus on understanding our corporate clients' needs and building a strong relationship with you so you can trust us to get the right gifts at the right time and right price.

We Can:
Personalize baskets with promotional items from your business Create color schemes to match your company’s logo
Deliver specialty baskets for meetings, workshops and other events Can design any number of gifts to suit any price range

Please call 614-352-1412 to inquire about setting up a corporate account.

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